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  • Q.1Do I need an Appointment?

    Ans. You can come on Walk in Basis.

  • Q.2Any precautions to be taken before OPG or CBCT.

    Ans. No Precautions or Instructions are required of any sort. You can directly walk in the Center.

  • Q.3How will the Scan take place?

    Ans. No Preparation is required from you. You may only be asked to remove any jewellery from the head and neck region, any metallic object like hair clip so that it does not interfere with the scanning procedure and produce undesired effects in the X ray. For the prescribed X ray Procedure as has been explained in the Services Section will be followed. The radiographer will explain each stage before the X-Ray. There is no contra indication for patients with pace makers with respect to the x-ray procedure. Female patients should tell the radiographer if they are likely to be pregnant.

  • Q.4Are there any precautions to be observed after the Scan ?

    Ans. After the Scan (X ray) the Patient need not take any precaution and can proceed for his/her routine work.

  • Q.5When can the Results be obtained?

    Ans. For the 2 D images like OPG, Lateral Cephalogram, TMJ Tomogram etc. the Image can be obtained immediately followed by the Scan in a time period of 15 minutes to maximum of half an hour. For the 3 D images, CBCT, the reception will inform you the time and date for the collection of the Imaging Report. This is usually after 24 hours. However, in some rare or complex case presentation, it may take more than 24 hours, about which the patient will be duly informed.

  • Q.6In what form can the Report be obtained?

    Ans. The hard copy of the Report is provided with both 2D and 3 D images. The reports are also mailed to the mentioned email id of the Referring Doctor and the Patient. In case of 3 D Imaging CBCT, the Report is accompanied with the Data Volume of the Patient with the viewing Software. This is usually provided for the Referring Doctor and the CD can be opened on any Computer without the need of any special application. ( In case of 2 D imaging, like OPG, Lat Ceph, TMJ Tomogram etc, if CD is required, a nominal charge of Rs. 50 is charged for the same. And if the Patient wishes for only CD and not the hard copy, no extra charge is taken.

  • Q.7How much will the Scan cost?

    Ans. The referring Doctor will discuss the pricing of the modality with you prior to the scan. For any further clarification on the Price, you can call the Center.

  • Q.8What is going to be the Mode of Payment?

    Ans. We accept payment by cash and most credit and debit cards. Payment will be taken on the day of the scanning. The Complete List of Fee Structure for the various Radiographs is displayed at the Reception.

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