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Lateral cephalogram ( Lat Ceph)

A Lateral Cephalogram (Lat Ceph) is a profile or lateral or side view x-ray of the craniofacial area.It is used to assess the relationship of the bones, teeth and facial contours in profile on a single film. Lateral Cephalogram assists in the diagnosis and treatment planning of the Orthodontic Problems and Orthognathic Surgeries. 


For scanning purposes, you will be asked to remove jewellery, eyeglasses, and any metal objects that may obscure the images. A pair of ear inserts are placed in the ears to support the head still and for proper alignment. During this whole procedure no discomfort is felt.


Frontal Cephalogram (PA Ceph):

The Frontal Cephalograms are taken to assess the facial asymmetry of the jaws. For this X-Ray, the patient is positioned with its face in front of the X-Ray detector and the x ray source behind the head.

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