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TMJ Tomogram

TemporomandibularJoint Tomogram (Open and Close Mouth)

(Also referred to as the Quadruple TMJ Exposure)

TMJ Tomogram is a specific radiograph  carried out to assess the range of motion of the Temporomandibular joints and also to assess the joint space. This radiograph may be supplemented with CBCT of the TMJs to assess the bony structures and joint space availability in the three planes. 


For scanning purposes, you will be asked to remove jewellery, eyeglasses, and any metal objects that may obscure the images. You have to stand erect with the teeth engaged in the sterile bite block and face resting on a small shelf. There is a forehead support to prevent patient movement. There are two rounds of rotation for shooting this scan. For the first rotation the mouth is held close and for the second rotation, the mouth is held open as wide as possible. During the time of shooting the X-Ray it is important for one to stay still. As any patient movement during the scanning will result in errors in the X-Ray. During this whole procedure no discomfort is felt. 

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